The Sound of Raindrops

This first post will be dedicated to the people who gave my life meaning. The people who place more value on my life than I do myself. The people who allowed me to discover a purpose of my life. The people who shine so brightly in my darkest moments. The people who bring me shelter when the light gets unbearably bright.

The first time I felt like giving up on life happened to be a really stressful period for students, exams. The pillars of my life were crumbling, and with them, so was my will to live. 

Out of the blue, a friend of mine appeared. Unknowingly, he pulled my drowning soul up from the depths of the black ocean. Sacrificing the precious time before the exams, acting as a float to keep me from sinking.

Since then, everytime things got really tough, when I’m fighting battles I know I can never win, when all the odds are stacked against me, even if I really feel like giving up, I’d look back and think of the time people spent on me. 

Giving up would mean invalidating the time and effort they put in me, the emotions and memories.

Life had a meaning, I could live it for others, for my friends, for people who just need that little support, that bit of kindness.

Now, on rainy days, heavy or light, I no longer feel the gloom. I could hear the sound of the raindrops, the sweet music they make, cheering me on, cheering me up. 

We all deserve to feel that way.